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Teen Wolf Episode 3.22 Extended Promo

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Poseys Poll: Romantic moments in Teen Wolf History according to the Cast (1080p HD)

Stydia Drabble: A Triangle


Pairing: Stiles x Cora, Stiles x Lydia

Okay, I’m sorry to do this, but could you write something where Lydia barges in on Stiles and Cora making out, and runs away, and then Stiles chases after her and they have this heart-to-heart? It’s not exactly Stydia, but I hope you’ll do it.

Author’s Note:
No worries! I take most prompts, it’s just that I get Stydia the most :) Hope you like it and sorry for the wait! I also wasn’t sure what you meant by heart to heart, so I took some artistic liberty. I hope it’s okay! - H xx

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Season one of Teen Wolf was like:

Season two:

Season 3a:

Season 3b:

I cant believe how accurate this is! At the first season, it was like “puppy-love and rainbows” that all we had to worry about is Scott being discovered, but now it’s like "i’ll take your heart from your chest so fast you can watch me step on it" that everything is heightened. Stilles went from Boots in Dora to Kyuubi.

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A Love too Late


Summary:The Nogitsune has met its match. Now, there is only one way this story is going to end. 

Rating: T

Author’s Note: Had this in my head for a while and wanted to share it with everyone.

There are different times love can come into our lives. Sometimes it comes too early. Unrequited love at its finest—a love so strong, yet unwelcomed by one. It leaves the lover lost, broken, and bruised. But, love can come again, and often does.

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This is the WORST tragedy that could happen. Beautiful but tragic.

Tyler Posey’s Impressions of the Cast

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